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     Karen's first day at the nursing home, 

she showed a gentleman her harp,

let him strum it and played a simple tune. 

 As she went to the next resident the

gentleman started singing "O Mein Papa"

shouting, "I love that song, my father used

to sing it to me all the time."

     A woman recovering from surgery stared

out her window as Karen played several tunes.  They

spent close to an hour together, the music reminded her

of butterflies, she wanted to stay in that moment.

     A gentleman had just lost his wife of 63 years.  He asked to

hear "Amazing Grace".  He called her Gracie and he always told her how amazing she was.  It may not seem like much but for him it was a way to say goodbye in a very personal, private way.  Some of

the emptiness in his heart was filled, if only for a bit, before the rest of the world descended upon him.