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During a VAHT session, live harp music is amplified through a sound table, chair, or vibrotactile device. Clients are

asked to focus on areas of tension/pain in the body, while specific tones that resonate in those areas are identified.

Each client experiences the musical tones in different ways at different times; therefore the therapy is a very

dynamic process and is tailored to the unique individual. Appropriate music is improvised or selected,

based on the client's needs. When the client is relaxed, abstract thinking slows and awareness expands.

VAHT often produces responses such as deep relaxation, dream-like imagery, pain, and tension reduction,

increased energy, increased body awareness and feelings of being nurtured. Imagery often provides

new awareness, positive reframing, and/or processing and integration of psychological material.

The client/therapist interaction allows for immediate responses in the course of the session. 

A client’s response to VAHT could also include:

  1. Coherence (resonance and entrainment/synchronization among diverse physiological systems in the body)

  2.  Absorption of energy

  3.  Stimulation/balancing of ch’i energy

  4.  Lymphatic stimulation

  5.  Pain and stress reduction (from near-endocrine changes; interrupted impulse transmission along pain pathways; increase in low alpha brainwave activity; muscular relaxation; decreased blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate)

  6.  Perceptual changes (I.E. synaesthesia)

  7.  Mood elevation                                                                                                                                                                                              VAHT is a non-pharmacological approach to treating pain, stress, and anxiety, and it has virtually no side effects. The level of receptivity of the client can affect the outcome of the session, as is the case with most interventions. During the usual 30 to 60-minute sessions, clients generally note significant symptom reduction within the first 20 minutes of the session.           


Please Note:  If you have an active bleeding disorder or thrombus; a pacemaker or insulin pump;

or are pregnant; you are not eligible to participate in a VAHT Session at this time.

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