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We welcome the reviews and testimonials of past and present clients. Feel free to send us your input, and we will be happy to share it on our website.  *Initials and other non-identifying titles are used to protect the privacy of our clients.

What my Clients say...


From the second I walked into Karen's office and it was like instant calm.


It was like someone opening the door and woosh!
There was a floating tingly sensation moving up my body, through my chest and my whole body and the tenseness goes away.  Like someone opening the door and woosh it was gone.  


My neck was tight as all get out.
SO CHILL!!!  I need to come here once a month!  


Magnificent. Simply magnificent.
My neck and shoulders are much more relaxed. How often can I come for a session? 


Unparalleled musicianship and soul.
Extremely beautiful.  I could feel the energy in waves of colors. 

Ms. S.

This is how angels sound in springtime.

All the lines of communication are open from my head to my toes. I felt like I was bouncing on the clouds.

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